Unity Detonator: Progress

Well I’ve spent a few nights now working on Detonator. So far I’ve been getting the feel of the Unity particle system and seeing where its strengths are. Before I go to bed tonight, here’s a little demo scene to kick things off. Nothing parametric yet, but we’ve got to have a nice base effect to work with, right?

Besides the basic particle emitters, there’s a light and a rigidbody explosive force that get spawned. The look is really a first pass, just trying to get all the pieces in. I still need to add chunks flying out with trails, some beams, and get all the particles sorting right. There’s also a bit of flicker between the smoke and other particles that should be worked out. Still, I was happy to see the performance is good even on my old Macbook.

I’ve been thinking about animated textures too. Not sure if they’ll be necessary, but I’d like to try them out. If anyone knows of a tool to convert a movie to a Unity animated texture, let me know. Iterating on that seems like a pain without a good tool.


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