EA’s Ultimate Hunt Challenge

Here’s some artwork from one of my first titles. You’ll see a bunch of what look like satellite imagery. These were overhead maps that the player would use to choose their starting location. Some were 8 miles by 8 miles if I remember correctly. Others were a little closer up, like 1 mile by 1 mile. These were really fun to build. I’d receive an ugly looking snapshot of the world like this:

What I'd Get

What I’d Get


What I’d Make From That

Then I’d take it into Max, get the heightmap for the level, displace it, light it, and then use that for a shade map. Then I’d take the whole thing into Photoshop and start painting it up. Sometimes I’d do it up and make a spec map on the water or bump maps on the forests and rerender it.

Then there is a sheet of tile textures that I did for a winter level. The system for this game was actually kind of cool, and was a precursor to systems I would use years later on Spiderman 3. It was a tiling and instancing system that allowed the world to be miles across. So those little square textures would each be one quad on the map. Then using a tile builder, a roughly 16×16 quad tile would be populated with trees and other entities. Then that tile would be arranged on the world map.

The upside of this is a huge world. The downside is that the world was quite repetitive. Anyhow, it was a hunting game. It was 1999. People liked this kind of thing.

Last there were a few low poly models in there too. I show those just to say hey, I made a bunny in under 100 triangles. Those models were even rigged and animated. I’ll see if I can dig it up, but I have a sick bunny hopping loop that this portfolio is sorely lacking.


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