Ok so this is a funny project to show for me for a few reasons. First, it is O-L-D. I did these before I was even in the game industry, right out of college. Second, I’m not a mechanical modeler by trade, but I can certainly do it if called on, and I like showing that. We all have favorite projects and this is one of mine. It was done in 3DSMax v2 or somewhere around that vintage.

It was a real blitzkrieg of a schedule, and I was holed up in my studio for a month or so modeling these things with just brochures for reference. There was rarely a good orthoganal shot and no measurements besides broad dimensions. And on top of that I was working on a Pentium-Pro 200 which was a 10th the speed of an iPhone!

Also of note was that this was way before the days of your fancy newfangled Global Illumination renderers. This is pure Max scanline baby. And of course it still took 10 minutes to render each shot.

Still, it was fun. The project was for training software for this pump manufacturer, and I also had a hand in the UI design as you can see in the last shot. There were animations as well but they weren’t very interesting, just showing a line traversing a cross section of the pump.

I still get excited when I’m out and come across a pump.

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