Maxscript – PaintOBB

When I was at Vicarious Visions working on Spiderman 3, artists were responsible for building collision geometry. More often than not, a bounding box was the recommended collision type.

Once we started doing Interiors with the system, it became apparent that folks needed a better way to make an OBB and AABB for selected geometry, so I created a tool in Maxscript that let them easily do so. I can’t share the code, but below is a video that I made while I was working there to introduce the PaintOBB tool to the artists on the team.

The idea was to let the artist invoke the tool, then paint over faces on the selected model. The tool would then generate a first pass bounding box based on the selection. Then the user would move their mouse along the desired axis, and the box would shrink wrap to fit around the geometry, creating the most efficient OBB with minimal work.


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