Detonator for Unity 3.x and 2.x

(Update 10/26/2010 – A version of Detonator for Unity 3.0 is now available.)

Detonator is an extension for Unity3D that lets you make good looking explosions quickly and easily for your Unity projects. How you use it depends on who you are and what your goals are. Solo coders can quickly get prototype explosions going while artists can stack effects to quickly make complex explosions.


Detonator was created originally for the Unity Summer of Code 2009.

Download Detonator 1.3b for Unity 3.0

Download Detonator 1.02 for Unity 2.6

Bug Reports

Sorry, the Unity 3.x and earlier versions of Detonator are no longer supported. Please grab the latest version from here. However feel free to drop notes in the comments as I or other users may be able to help.

46 thoughts on “Detonator for Unity 3.x and 2.x

  1. this is awesome stuff, we will use this for an upcoming game of us where it fits perfectly. Maybe we can even contribute stuff back to the community.
    Thanks for releasing this and making it open source is even better!

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  3. very cool,. I will be testing out unity, now that it is free, and this will be something I will use,.

    one problem I had was after using the RightClickMenu to go full screen and then pressing Esc to leave that,. clicking anywhere even outside the brower causes an explosion,. should not the web plugin loose focus if I am clicking out side its space? not sure if this is a Unity plugin issue or an implementation one,. . anyay thanks for the boomboom!

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  5. here’s the webplayer that shows what Detonator can do.

    The webplayer on this page doesn’t demonstrate Detonator, it shows a robot model viewer :)

    Detonator rocks, thanks for making it available!

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  7. Awesome addition to Unity… Well done

    I’m curious to know if it’s easy to disable the effect of gravity on the explosions – especially sparks – so that it can be used in a space-based game.

  8. @Ben – Okay, thanks for that, although the sparks still decelerate before fading out. Ideally, in a weightless environment, they wouldn’t slow down at all, just fade out whilst still moving. Any ideas?

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  10. Hello there.
    Unity 3.0 was released. Now the Explosion Framework isn’t compatible with the new version of Unity 3.0. Are you planning make an code update for the Explosion Framework?


  11. I just posted an updated version that works with Unity 3.0 – I still consider it a beta release, even though I provided Unity with this code so they could integrate it into some sample projects.

    If you find bugs, please share!

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  13. Ben,

    This is awesome! Major kudos on putting this together! I am creating a game and had it in my mind what my explosions would look like but have not been unable to even come close with my feeble efforts. Your “wide” explosion is even better then I imagined was possible in Unity and is exactly what I have been looking for!

    I am having a slight issue, as after I import the package into my test project using Unity3D 2.6.1f3, I get an error with the particleEmitter.Emit() complaining about the 7 parameter overload. If I drop the rotation and angular velocity parameters (back to 5 params) it stops complaining.

    I also have several CG errors on the shaders in program frag on UnpackNormal and some other initialization errors that don’t make sense starting at line 36 and continuing on lines 37 and 38.

    There is another CG error on program vert – “unable to find compatible overload” on mul() on line 79.

    Any help getting this working would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks and Merry Christmas,


  14. Ben,

    I removed Example prefabs and its working fine now. Obviously the shader requires pro which was probably a dependency of one of the prefabs with the (Pro) indication.

    Looking forward to playing around with this!



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  16. there’s a problem with the detonator script, the error says “Assets/Standard Assets/Detonator/System/Detonator.cs(416,35): error CS0117: `Resources’ does not contain a definition for `Load'”

  17. OnDetonatorForceHit not working.
    I think DetonatorForce.cs contains a bug..
    Need to fix “SendMessage” to “hit.gameObject.SendMessage” in line 72

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  19. Really nice explosions, but…
    Unity3D shows me this error report: Assets/Frameworks/Detonator/System/Detonator.cs(48,29): error CS0106: The modifier `virtual’ is not valid for this item
    what should I do?
    (I haven’t got much experience with Unity3D)
    If threre’s somebody who could help me, please write me at [email protected]

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  21. Hello,

    Congratulations for your asset, is simply perfect!

    I have a problem when I try to compile my project for android, the particles disappeared.

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  24. Hi, I’ve just downloaded the package (i tried both the version that’s available on this website as well as on the asset store) and I’m having a problem: there seems to be a border around the particle planes. I’m started a Question on Unity Answers, and I’ve uploaded an image showing the problem. If anyone don’t mind, could you please take a look at it and hopefully you might know a solution to this? :

    • Hey Matthieu – What are you building to? I’ve got a new version submitted to the Asset Store but it’s taking forever for them to post it. Try the new version when it comes up.

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