Detonator Progress Point 3

This version features better particle growth thanks to a tip on particle Size Grow parameter animation courtesy of Rune at Unity. I was having a real problem getting the behavior I was looking for out of the Size Grow parameter, and it turns out that if you alter that parameter over time, you can get the exponential growth with damping that’s needed for an explosion.

I also converted the textures to grayscale so that they can be color shifted by the system. It takes a little bit of the richness out, but I think we can get it back later. The payoff in color customizability will definitely be worth it.

13 thoughts on “Detonator Progress Point 3

  1. Looking forward to this :)

    Some feedback:

    Could you make the next webplayer build’s camera slwoly rotating around the objects? That way we might get a better overall picture of whats going on :)

  2. @veli – camera moving… sure.

    @aron – yeah definitely on the Raycast. Next test scene will have that.

    @martin – thanks!

  3. Ben, this is really great. You have done a GREAT job. This may be a presumptious suggestion, but have you studied any literature on the physics of explosions and equations that describe their behavior? I did a quick Google search for “physics of explosions” and found some very interesting formulae that might be of use to you for really sending your realism over the top (although it is pretty dang good already!)

    Keep it up….

  4. Hey if anyone is interested in doing some prerelease testing for me I’d appreciate it if you drop a line in here and I’ll send you a package. Gotta work the kinks out for the 31st!

    You’d need to be able to give feedback by 12pm EST 30 August 2009.

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