Detonator 1.01 – Indie Fix

Thanks to everyone who pointed out that the initial release of Detonator did not play nice with Unity Indie. The Heatwave and its HeatDistort shader made it quite sad indeed.

Update: Posted 1.02 – The fallback subshader in HeatDistort  was not working properly. Now it is and you don’t need to delete that shader anymore. Woop!

Link: Detonator-1.02

6 thoughts on “Detonator 1.01 – Indie Fix

  1. Just an idea – but you should release content packs for purchase. For instance I would pay for an RPG/MMO Spell effect pack…

    This is amazing work…

  2. heya.. the detonator is like pure heaven.. many thanks, especially for the mushroomcloud effect..

    all in all the best part of it.. has to be it’s reuseability and easy implementation, i added it to a rocket launcher proto of mine.. and kaboom.. pure heavent

  3. This is one of greatest things I’ve ever seen! Thank you very much for that!

    But I’ve found a bug inside. Or.. not a bug but a performance dropdown which can be (I think) easy to fix.
    In test sceme when you use Detonator-Ignitor everything is set on fire and gives smoke. It gives some FPS dropdown, it’s normal. When you use that detonator 4 times, everything is set on fire 4 times and gives 4x smoke and FPS is now FPS/4. If you change that everything would be set on fire just once (but the flames should be for a time counted from last ignition blast of course) it wouldn’t generate such a FPS dropdown. And people would be able to implement napalm bombings…… ^^

    Once again, thanks for a great framework!

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